DYNOTAG Spring 2017 Collection is NEW!




NO Monthly recurring FEES EVER...

SETS UP IN MINUTES! 100% Satisfaction...


Tag any item that you think you might lose! For example: your computer, Ipad, car keys, kids clothing, sports equipment, luggage, pet travel crate, golf clubs, ski boots, passport, carry on bag, and even your family pet!  When that item is FOUND, you receive a confirmation email, and GPS location of when and where it was located! The person who finds your item also gets ANY and ALL information that you want them to know.  Are you offering a reward?  Are you now in a different city?  Update the tag from anywhere, or anytime to let the person know how they can contact you ASAP.

PROTECT YOUR ITEMS: with Dynotag GPS Tags and Labels. A Dynotag is a Web/GPS enabled QR Code smart tag that can be read using a smartphone or any computer. (worldwide) Dynotags use no batteries, electronics, or mechanical parts and are extremely resilient. Every Dynotag has a unique web address and unique QR code. The purchaser “activates” the Dynotag merchandise using a simple code and becomes the “owner” of the tag. Once activated, the owner can enter information in the tag. Others can only “view” the tag; only the owner can update and manage the tag. A Dynotag instantly displays any information you want, such as property owner information, personal information, and emergency contact information. Dynotag includes a lifetime subscription and ample storage for your information. You can easily update your information on your tags anytime, from anytime/anywhere.


"If it's worth keeping, it's worth dynotagging"

Works with ANY Smartphone,

Tablet or Computer. Sets up in 

minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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               What are DYNOTAGS?

Dynotag.  If it's worth keeping, it's worth dynotagging!™