Private Label Customization AVAILABLE!

Have your CUSTOM Campaign Dynotags Created Today!

The "SEXIEST" Promotional Item on the MARKET - ONE OF  "2014's Coolest Products"

- available campaigns 500-20,000 units

- 3 week turn around

- affordable and LESS expensive than regular Dynotag products 

- reach your customers through ad campaigns

- great promotion material that ADDS VALUE to your marketing/promotional ideas

Extra ad-ons that come with each tag... Real value to end users: Your customers get to enjoy the benefits of owning a cutting
edge cloud-powered smart label that built into your product. It’s a “perk”. Instant-On: You get to offer this cutting edge capability in a cost effective and expedient turnkey manner, with your branding. No IT consultants, no programming and maintenance

​Ongoing connection to your customers: Your Private Label dynotags notify you with activation information as your customers use the tags.You get to specify a custom smart tag activation and viewing experience
highlighting your brand, offering special coupons, etc. – keeping the tag fresh as you see
fit – over time.

Once the promotional item is registered you get the email address of who owns it!!  Great for promotional giveaways and databasing!
Hands-off: All the mechanics and logistics of the software system, lifetime maintenance of tags,
etc. is handled by Dynotag. You get to focus on your product marketing and delighting your customers
and keep in touch with them!

You can provide a completely branded Smart Label experience

Your logo, background and messaging on all smart label screens.

Tags can be served out of your company’s domain. Instead  
tag web address can or any domain name we can set up.

You get precise reports on tag activations, providing up-to-date information about your campaign.

You can update your brand message(s) any time. For example, you can opt for a holiday theme for your tag backgrounds for the

Dynotags are forever maintained by Dynotag. You do not have to get involved in the logistics of the tags and focus on your
customer value.

Pet Id Tags

  • Dynotag owners can see where and when the tag is accessed on an up to date zoomable map

  • Dynotags offer pin/password protection, notification on access of protected content (email/SMS)
  • GPS assisted location support. Useful for precise mobile location determination of loved ones, pets and property
  • Upload of files up to 50 MB in size, larger than most books
  • Dynotag is a cloud-based service, securely storing all data

  • Information in a dynotag is virtually unlimited and can be updated by the tag owner at any time from anywhere, as often as needed

  • Dynotags are secure. All files are virus scanned against malware

  • Social networking is built in. Share your cute pet tag with friends and family

Dynotags are SUPERCHARGED QR Codes

​​Dynotag is a service/product that simplifies and enhances your life by organizing information and storing it securely.  When your tagged item is found and scanned you get an instant email/message as to WHEN AND WHERE it was found. Not only do you receive all this information instantly, the person who finds your item gets to view any information that you added to the tag.    

Custom Dynotags 

Dynotag.  If it's worth keeping, it's worth dynotagging!™

Are you a company or manufacturer who wants to offer powerful Dynotag features to your customers on your merchandise? We offer professional Private Label services with custom branding and end user experience. You can get custom batches of dynotags by the thousand or millions - and delight your customers!