dynotag is a Web/GPS enabled Smart Tag that empowers you, its owner, to organize and share information.

Every dynotag has a unique web address that can be entered into any web browser for instant viewing of tag contents. The same web address is also provided in a QR code on the tag for convenient access via smart phones equipped with a QR reader app.

Dynotag offers a large selection of ready-to use, purpose built, high quality smart tags through our shop. After purchasing one, you activate it simply by clicking the “activate tag” at the dynotag homepage and following simple instructions.

There are NO subscription fees or any hidden recurring charges for your dynotags. Your initial purchase gives you the use of your tag for life, with ample storage and amazing capabilities included.

All dynotags are powered by our advanced Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) that is online 7/24 to serve you. As a tag owner, you decide what information to enter in the tag, what level of security to use, and update anytime you want. You even get to pick from a variety of features for different uses. We suggest starting simple, getting your tag online – then adding more information or updating the information as needed. Dynotags make it easy to share suitable contact information from your private “my account” page, avoiding entry of redundant information as you add tags to your collection.

Based on the product, you are set up with an initial tag template but can easily choose from a variety of capable tag templates at any time…

Your dynotags have advanced features such keeping an access log only the owner can see (with time stamps and location coordinates when available) of others viewing your tag, on a zoomable map showing the last view locations as a map pin. You can load/update a variety of information into the tag from a web browser, even when you are far away from your tags.

Based on your tag, even more advanced functionality is available, such as automatic view notification e-mails (with location coordinates when available) when your tag is viewed, ability to assign an easy to remember vanity name (alias) to your tag, a log book enabling others to add notes to your tag, and time based reminders to name a few.

You keep all the information for your dynotags in your private dynotag account, making it easy to manage and keep track of your smart tags, even for large numbers of tags. You can start with a single tag, then keep adding tags to your account as you get and activate dynotags for a variety of uses. Advanced grouping capabilities lets you group your tags and manage them easily.

There are endless amazing uses for dynotags. You can get an individual dynotag for each person in your family and upload important information such as their address, emergency contacts, and medical conditions. Then, by placing that dynotag on an emergency card to be kept in a wallet or backpack, you can ensure that emergency personnel will have access to accurate information in an emergency.

Get a dynotag for your pet and attach it on the collar. if your pet is lost, the person finding the pet will have easy access to your contact information and any other important information that you entered on the tag – simply by visiting the unique web address of the dynotag clearly printed on the tag. Even better, you can change the information associated with the dynotag in real time – even after your pet is lost – offering a reward or updating your contact information to help your pet return back home safely. Unlike an implanted chip, anyone can view any information you choose to share on the tag.

Use dynotags to tag your property. By attaching a dynotag that has your up to date contact information, you can tag your laptop, phone, keychains, bag, luggage and outdoor gear and have peace of mind that whoever finds your property will have the information necessary to contact you and return it back.

While wonderful for individuals and families, dynotags also bring their exciting capabilities to schools, small businesses, realtors, museums, art galleries, city governments and more…

You can purchase professionally built, ready to use dynotags right from our Web Store.