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What is DynoTag?

How Does Location Tracking Functionality work?

All Dynotags are powered by our industrial strength DCS: Dynotag Cloud Service running 7/24 to provide all the advanced features for your Dynotags!

Dynotag Smart Tags use passive technologies and use the viewer’s smartphone or computer reading the tag to supply the location information. Smartphones use multiple mechanisms to get their location information (Wifi, Cell towers and GPS) so they have excellent location information even when indoors – where GPS does not work well.

There are devices on the market that use active GPS based location tracking (such as SPOT Satellite Messenger for personal use – or Garmin Dog Tracker for tracking pets) which appear attractive at first glance – and may be appropriate for some uses – but have a number of shortcomings :

Active GPS based location tracking has the following issues:

-Must have a battery to power the electronics (which is almost guaranteed to let you down someday when you need it most)
-Must have GPS receiver so it can receive GPS location (works only outdoors)
-Must connect to a cellular network or satellite service to supply the location information – or as in the case of Garmin – a powerful transmitter is placed in the collar.
-Require one or more active, recurring subscription plans (for the cell network, satellite operator, product company itself)
-Must have sufficient battery charge to operate the GPS and the radio (batteries usually last a few days at most with continuous use).
-Must be kept dry and protected against impacts that can hurt the electronics. (Most are water resistant but not waterproof.)
-They add considerable weight to whatever they are attached to. (Pets don’t even like large small metal tags. How about a cellphone sized device on their collar?)
-High purchase/ownership cost. (Cost of ownership of a good quality device is $100 or more, plus recurring subscription cost)
-Require ongoing maintenance (keep fresh batteries in unit, keep charged, keep clean and dry!)How many things do you need in your life to worry about the batteries of – and pay a recurring subscription for? Most people try to keep such devices to a minimum.

Dynotags, on the other hand:

-Do not have any electronics
-Do not have a battery
-The information stored in a Dynotag can be viewed by anyone with a computer or smartphone with Internet access.
-Do not require recurring subscription plans.
-Are very resilient to abuse, waterproof, weatherproof yet weigh very little.
-The information content of a Dynotag cannot be lost because it resides in the “cloud”, physical tag only contains the Dynotag’s unique web address. A replacement tag can be obtained to utilize the same information by using the “Clone Tag” facility.
-The information content can be updated by the Dynotag owner anytime, anywhere on the globe using a web browser. Others can only view the Dynotag to see what the owner decides to share.
-Affordable, one time cost.

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