Luggage Tags

A MUST HAVE for every luggage, backpack or schoolbag

Why should your luggage, school bags or sports equipment advertise your home address?  That address does not help you when you are on the road!

With Dynotag Smart Luggage tags you can enter as much information as you want – then update that information on your tag(s) from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME to show where you WILL BE, not where you used to be.  For example:  If you are traveling from Vancouver to Calgary to Hawaii.  There are now 3 places where you could lose your carry-on or your stowed luggage.  If you used the OLD method of luggage tagging, your lost/found luggage would be returned to your home address when you arrived home in a week or two.

With Dynotag, you can instantly enter NEW, up to date information, at any stage of your travel.  You can update the tag to offer a reward, enter the city you might have a lay over in or even have the tag to show your hotel phone number or address. The coverage is limitless.  Post a REWARD after you lose your property! Try that with an old luggage tag.

  • GPS assisted access coordinates (where the item was found and scanned)
  • Receive an email with a personal message from the person who found your item!
  • Get notification at the time your item is found and scanned
  • Set of two large luggage tags with stainless steel chains
  • Tough, weatherproof, writable back
  • Lifetime, unlimited information storage.
  • Owner can update tags anytime from a laptop, smartphone or desktop
  • Perfect for luggage, ski bags, sports bags, larger equipment cases