Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag


One Steel Property Tag designed with our playful “Dots” pattern – works well with luggage and bags of any color and stands out from the crowd!

Ready to withstand the rigors of most demanding baggage handling equipment, these deluxe steel tags are our toughest, battle ready tags!

Made from strong steel and coated with a protective polymer layer, this deluxe waterproof/weatherproof property tag looks good and lasts virtualy forever!

Braided stainless steel loop included. Place a drop of glue on the steel loop connector screw to make it permanent.

Featuring our our patented Smart Tag technology and manufactured of premium materials, Dynotag Smart Property Tags offer several innovative capabilities to help your property come back home, as well as keeping important property and trip information securely available.

Our amazingly capable Smart Property Tags provide a more than an ordinary property tag – they offer a complete property information management system! These property tags, while a natural fit for luggage and bags, work great on sports and outdoor equipment, schools, businesses with varying asset inventory as well as rental equipment.

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