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An identical pair of property/luggage tags in our elegant, Classic White design. Our synthetic laminated tags are engineered for strength and lightness. Made from resilient, triple layer synthetic laminate material, these tags are UV proof and waterproof. The laminate construction and high grade materials used make them far superior to PVC or silicone tags in abrasion resistance and resilience. They work well under outdoor conditions as well as wet locations. We offer smart tag products made from this modern material in several designs, colors and sizes based on the application. Our lightweight yet strong Laminated Property Tags are engineered for visibility and extreme toughness. They are about the size of a credit card, made from resilient, synthetic laminate material and come with necessary attachment hardware. Always add a drop of glue on the connector loop prior to closing it in order to make it permanent.

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Featuring our our patented Smart Tag technology and manufactured of premium materials, Dynotag Smart Property Tags offer several innovative capabilities to help your property come back home, as well as keeping important property and trip information securely available.

Our amazingly capable Smart Property Tags provide a more than an ordinary property tag – they offer a complete property information management system! These property tags, while a natural fit for luggage and bags, work great on sports and outdoor equipment, schools, businesses with varying asset inventory as well as rental equipment.

Dynotags come with advanced features built-in and with service included for LIFE.

All our tags feature a specially encoded QR code and a special web address that is unique for that tag.
You simply create your free dynotag account and click “Activate Tag” in your account – using that tag’s specific “Activation Code”. Once activated, the tag becomes exclusively yours and cannot be activated by anyone else! Then, only you, the tag owner, can update the tag contents. Others can only view what you choose to share.
Every dynotag has a private web page. Note that any modern web browser can be used to view the tag contents – NO special app is needed!
The QR code is a convenience shortcut: If available, a QR scanner on any smartphone can be used to scan the QR code to view the tag contents on that smartphone’s web browser .
Our global service: Works anywhere on the planet with Internet.
You do not have to be in the vicinity of your tag to update its contents, just sign into your Dynotag account anywhere on the planet and update your tag content as you need – as often as you want.
Your FREE dynotag account is where you manage your collection of dynotags. Once you sign into your dynotag account, you are ready to start activating tags and loading them with recovery information.

You can set up and maintain each asset sticker up on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Similarly, any third party viewing these tags can see the information shared by the owner – in a read-only fashion, using any web browser or smartphone with a QR reader. You can update contents using any modern web browser.

Full GOLD level capabilities!

This product comes with GOLD level functionality. Advanced, industry leading capabilities such as smartphone assisted tag view locations in your tag access logs and map of last access, multilevel ACCESS CONTROL using passwords of your choice, automatic email NOTIFICATION when your tag is viewed, VANITY tag address you can set with a name of your choice and flexible LOG BOOK note attachment services are included with this GOLD level dynotag product. LIFETIME subscription and ample storage also come with your purchase. NO hidden subscriptions, monthly or annual recurring subscription plan is required.

Developed in cooperation with law enforcement and emergency response experts, all dynotags offer advanced security features that include enabling/disabling of the tag by the owner, password protection of the tag information as directed by the owner, as well as password protection of individual files uploaded.

Product Activation

You will ACTIVATE and make the tags in this set yours using the special “Activation Code” on the product.

Activation is simple: Just create a free account at Dynotag.com, sign in, then click “activate tag” at Home screen and follow the instructions.

Note that TAGS IN THIS SET ARE IDENTICAL and share the same Dynotag – so you will have to activate only ONE of them and you will be done.

If you need unique dynotags for each physical tag, please look for our products with “UNIQUE” in the title.


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