Super Pet Tag Green


Super Pet Tag – Polymer Coated Stainless Steel, GREEN

“Help Me Get Home Safely”
Our fun green “Help Me Get Home Safely” design summarizes what the task at hand is for the person viewing the tag! Steel connector ring included. Suitable for use as a Pet Tag using the included connector ring. These tags, with their tough steel construction and protective polymer coating, work well under outdoor conditions as well as wet locations.

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Pick from several designs!

We know you like to choose from a selection of colors and layouts – and offer these tags in designs in a variety of colors and layouts to meet your needs…

Dynotag Super Pet Tags help your pets come back home safely. Featuring our patented Smart Tag technology, these tags are designed by us and manufactured of premium materials to high standards.

These tags are amazingly capable and offer a complete pet information management system in a tag!

You can start simple, and over time add all the recordkeeping documents to document and keep track of your pet’s health. Sample documents and online templates are provided to get you going!

Load Just Basic Recovery Information – or Your Pet’s Entire Licensing and Medical Documentation History!

With a Dynotag Super Pet Tag, you get:

A professionally designed, High Quality Pet Tag that contains information to help recover your pet in case he/she gets lost. Basic information can includes;
Phone Numbers (primary, alternate)
Addresses (primary, alternate)
“Tag View notification email address” as selected by you
Breed/Color/Weight/Marks, License #, Vaccines, Allergies
Important notes
Automatic email notification when your SuperPetTag is viewed, with precise location coordinates when available, as a google maps link… A complete access log of all views of your tag is kept by the dynotag system for the tag owner to review on demand.
Multiple Pet Health and information documents you can upload anytime, such as detailed vaccination, medical visits, lab tests, med procedures and more.
An indestructible repository to store your pet’s medical history and veterinarian records, with password security as you see fit.
A “Log Book”, which enables authorized persons to add notes to your “SuperPetTag”
Several ready-to-use template documents to pick from – that you can easily use / update / load into your SuperPetTag.
A “Vanity Name” also known as an alias. This lets you get a memorable name for your smart tag, such as Fido instead of remembering tag ID 1000-1443 for instance…
You can keep a log of your pet’s significant events (vet visits, procedures, etc.) in a logbook that is part of the tag.
Dynotags economically offer all these and many more capabilities for life yet require no recurring payments – subscription for life is included with the purchase.
Full GOLD level capabilities!

This product comes with GOLD level functionality. Advanced, industry leading capabilities such as smartphone assisted tag view locations in your tag access logs and map of last access, multilevel ACCESS CONTROL using passwords of your choice, automatic email NOTIFICATION when your tag is viewed, VANITY tag address you can set with a name of your choice and flexible LOG BOOK note attachment services are included with this GOLD level dynotag product. LIFETIME subscription and ample storage also come with your purchase. NO hidden subscriptions, monthly or annual recurring subscription plan is required.

Developed in cooperation with law enforcement and emergency response experts, all dynotags offer advanced security features that include enabling/disabling of the tag by the owner, password protection of the tag information as directed by the owner, as well as password protection of individual files uploaded.

Product Activation

You will ACTIVATE and make this tag yours using the special “Activation Code” on the tag itself…

Activation is simple: Just create a free account at, sign in, then click “activate tag” at Home screen and follow the instructions.

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